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Funeral Plans

At MO Funerals,  we remind our pre-plan clients that the funeral service takes place for the benefit of your surviving family and friends. Providing comfort to those you leave behind through a dignified service is an important consideration.

Beyond this consideration, we encourage you to plan exactly the type of service that you would like. If you would appreciate a traditional service with floral tributes, hymns and prayers, you are free to plan just such a ceremony. If you prefer popular songs and poetry, or simply a silent commemoration, the service can be arranged accordingly.

For your peace of Mind

For many people funeral plans have become an established form of forward thinking and providing for the future.
A funeral plan can give you peace of mind, knowing that your family will not be burdened with having to make difficult decisions in a time of grief.

We are working on a comprehensive funeral plan that will not only enable you to make financial provisions for your funeral, but also to tailor a bespoke funeral ceremony to your wishes

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